Nhà sản xuất: Specialized
Mã sản phẩm: Sport Combo
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
  • MÃ: 1SP600, 

    Đèn bộ trước sau, 

    Made in Taiwan, 

    • The Stix Sport Combo package contains a bright, 70-lumen headlight and 14-lumen tail light. Both feature the versatility of six light modes, ranging from steady and strong to flashing and brilliant. They also feature wide-angle beams that can be seen from multiple directions, plus the convenience of USB charging. To increase your safety, and to turn your bike into a performer for day or nighttime riding, this combo pack delivers.
      • 36 to 70 lumens output (headlight).
      • 1.5 hours to 14 hours runtime (headlight).
      • 7 to 14 lumens output (tail light).
      • 2.8 hours to 18 hours runtime (tail light).
      • Charge in the USB port of any laptop or phone charger in two hours (no extra cables needed).
      • Flexible mounting system works with handlebar and seatposts from 22.2mm up to 35mm in diameter, as well as most seatstays. (Aero strap mount available separately)
      • Six modes including:
          Steady High, 70 Lumens (White), 14 Lumens (Red) Steady Low, 36 Lumens (White), 7 Lumens (Red) Power Surge, 70 Lumens (White), 14 Lumens (Red) Power Flash, 70 Lumens (White), 14 Lumens (Red) Disco Flash, 36 Lumens (White), 7 Lumens (Red)Eco Flash, 36 Lumens (White), 7 Lumens (Red)

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